Other Environment Websites:

ARKive - Images of Life on Earth
      "the Noah's Ark for the Internet era-a unique global initiative, gathering trogether into one centralized digital library, films, photographs, and audio recordings of the worl'd species."  This is an amazing site that attempts to provide for each animal species "an average of ten minutes of moving footage, six to ten stills, and sound recordings (where appropriate), to compile a complete profile of the species' characteristic behaviour and appearance."

Earth Day Network
      Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day - "promotes envirnmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide."

EcoKids Clubhouse
      A very interactive and visually-appealing site for children, EcoKids is Earth Day Canada's environmental education program.

       Use the navigation bar (actually a set of subject-related icons) to get materials on a wide variety of envirnmental topics.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
        Parent site of the following...
Endangered Species, Kids' Corner
       This is a kid-friendly site about endangered species from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  A slide show, "Endangered Means There Is Still Time" demonstrates the importance of helping endangered and threatened species.  A Quiz and Slideshow Activity Worksheet is included in the Teacher Resources.

EnviroLink Network
       A "grassroots online communithy that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers around the world" and is "dedicated to providing comprehensive, up-to-date environmental information and news."

Environmental History
       A great site for detailed historical references to events and activities concerning the environment, conservation, and public health from ancient civilizations to today.

Destination Earth...To Understand and Protect Our Home Planet
       NASA's Parent site which includes the following...
For Kids Only: Earth Science Enterprise
       This part of Earth Science Enterprise provides infromation for young people about how NASA studies air, land, natural hazards, and water resources.

The GLOBE Program
       Students and teachers from over 14,000 schools in the U.S. and over 100 other countries participate in GLOBE (Global Learning and Obervations to Benefit the Environment).  You can search by concept and grade level and many of the activities are related to science standards.

Keep American Beautiful
       Parent site for the following...
Keep America Beautiful - Just For Kids
       This section of the offical Keep America Beautiful website lists ways to get children involved in keeping America clean.  There are even informational brouchures which can be downloaded and copied.

       The National Wildlife Federation provides a variety of materials on several topics.  Resources are grouped by age (1-4, 3-7, 7-13, and 13+)

NASA Earth Observatory
       Focuses on climate and environmental change and is intended to "provide a freely-accessible publication on the Internet where the public can obtain new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet."  Satellite images are available for everything from Leaf Area Index to Snow Cover.

National Parks Conservation Association
       Although it is not formally associated with the National Park Service, this website provides a very good introduction to the national parks in the U.S.

Ollie Recycles
       Activites deal with the Four Rs of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink.

Pollution Scorecard (Environmental Defense Fund)
       Find out about pollution in your own town or community.  Enter your zip code and find out what is polluted and who is doing the polluting.  You can also compare your community to others in your area and discover the actual toxins that are involved.

Rotten Truth (about Garbage)
       Looks at garbage, specifically solid waste, from a different perspective.

United Nations Environment Programme
TUNZA - Treat our Planet with care and affection
Our Planet
       The U.N. Environment Program is intended to help all nations develop ways to care for the environment.  TUNZA offers resources for both children and youth.  Our Planet is UNEP's online magazine.  All are worth checking out, especially for international aspects of environmental concerns.   

The Water Cycle
       The U.S. Geological Survey describes and traces 15 components of the water cycle.    A water cycle chart is also available with detailed descriptions or without labels, for students to identify.

Woodsy Owl
        This site offers Woodsy Owl Coloring Pages and an Activity Guide.

World Wildlife Fund - Fun and Games
       Very interactive site from the World Wildlife Federation.

Environmental Websites
Opposing Viewpoints  Search for any environmental issue.  Read about both sides of the issue here!
                  See Ms. Christensen for the password.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Sites:

EPA High School Center

Drinking Water, Kids Stuff There are activities and information for all ages, including High School...

EPA Global Warming Kids Page Designed for elementary/middle school.

Basic Facts about Waste

Recycle City  Role-playing problem-solving task

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