Basic Research
Helpful hits and tips!

Finding the perfect topic.
Think of what interests you. You may have to choose a few topics to make sure you are researching a subject which has lots of resources. Need inspiration? Try these books (which are in our library):

372.6 Ell Painless research projects by Rebecca and James Elliott

808.02 LAM 10000 ideas for term papers, projects, and reports and speeches : an invaluable reference for every student by Kathryn Lamm

REF 016.97 MUC Term paper resource guide to twentieth-century United States history by Robert Muccigrosso, Ron Blazek, and Teri Maggio

025.5 MCD 100 more research topic guides for students by Dana McDougald

025.5 WHI 99 jumpstarts to research : topic guides for finding information on current issues

Your paper/presentation must be your own work, however you will be finding information from a variety of sources. First of all, you must not copy someone else's ideas, you must use information and ideas in your own unique way.
Click here for a more complete explanation of plagarism...
Excellent examples of plagiarism and how to avoid it.
How do I give credit to someone for using their information? By citing their work.
Click here to see the proper way to write a citation, or see a librarian for a copy of the guide.

Now, on to finding those sources.
Books . . .
Find our library books by clicking here.
You may also search the Middle School Library, and then let a librarian know if you want to use a book from there.
If you need more sources, try the public library. You may order books with your own public library card, or fill out an interlibrary loan form and then pick up your book(s) at our library.
Public Library Search Screen
Interlibrary Loan Form (or see a librarian)

Magazine and Newspaper Articles
Use EBSCO, which allows you to search for articles from around the world. You will find articles published from the early 1980s until yesterday. You have received a username and password to access EBSCO from home. (you will not need to use them from school)
Here is a quick tutorial about how to use EBSCO and it’s features
Here is a link to EBSCO

We have access, through INFOhio, to several databases, which have credible, trustworthy information. Once again, you will need that username and password to use these databases from home.
This chart shows you which databases deal with your topic area.

Searching the internet
The internet has unbelievable amounts of information, but how do you find the RIGHT information...
First, there are many search engines and each has specific strengths and weaknesses.
Look over the options here, choose and engine and search away...
Then, how do you know if the information you find is
There are some clues and ways to determine whether the information should be used:
Checklist for evaluating websites
Here is a form you can use to verify if the website is a good one to use
Just for fun, would any of these bogus sites fool you? Proves you have to be careful!

Writing the paper or Giving that speech
Draft, revise, PRACTICE that speech!
Using MLA Format
Here is a wonderful website from the Internet Public Library's Teenspace about writing excellent papers.
Here are a few books in our library to help you improve your writing style and to review the whole research project:

808 FRY Improve your writing by Ron Fry

808 THU The everything grammar and style book : all the rules you need to know to master great writing by Susan Thurman

808 SEB Writers INC : a student handbook for writing and learning by Patrick Sebranek, Dave Kemper, and Verne Meyer

REF 371.3 MER Successful research papers in 12 easy steps by Nell W. Meriwether

Here are a few books to help with public speaking:

808.5 10 10 days to more confident public

808.5 BLU Everything you need to know about public speaking by Rachel Blumstein
807 COL Scholastic's A+ junior guide to giving a speech by Louise Colligan.

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