Proper identification of plants and an understanding of the biomes they occupy and their uses to animals and man is used in areas as diverse as archeology to land development and in several science related careers. Read two of the following articles to explore some of the practical uses for identification:
Bush plans wetlands expansion over 5 years By: Traci Watson; Tom Kenworthy. USA Today, 04/23/2004; (AN J0E022291336604)
Building Threatens Watershed, Report Says By: Joshua Partlow. Washington Post, The, 02/19/2004; (AN WPT172959912804)
The Wildest Urban River: Potomac River Gorge. By: Cohn, Jeffrey P.. Bioscience, Jan2004, Vol. 54 Issue 1, p8, 7p, 7c; Reading Level (Lexile): 1160; (AN 11916574)
Thirsty Landscapes. By: Von Trapp, Sara Jane. This Old House, Jun2002, Vol. 7 Issue 5, p78, 4p; Reading Level (Lexile): 1210; (AN 6670977)
Wetlands delineation. (cover story) By: Kusler, J.. Environment, Mar92, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p6, 15p, 3 illustrations, 1c, 5bw; Reading Level (Lexile): 1540; (AN 9203237108)
Silent witness. By: Entwisle, Tim. Nature Australia, Autumn2003, Vol. 27 Issue 8, p76, 2p, 1c; Reading Level (Lexile): 1080; (AN 9811310)

Here is an interesting website covering the history of taxonomy:
Biological Diversity: Classification History and Information
Look at one of these sites which deal with HOW to identify plants:
Franklin Institute Online Living Things: Families, How to Classify…
Vocational Information Center: Horticulture Basics and Plant Identification
Includes: Classification, Plant Basics, Plant Identification and Images, and Biomes, Zones and Cycles

These books are available in our library...
Five kingdoms : an illustrated guide to the phyla of life on Earth by Lynn Margulis, Karlene V. 570 MAR

Familiar trees of North America. Eastern region. 582.16 FAM

The Eyewitness handbook of trees by Allen J. Coombes. 582 COO

Wild flowers of North America by Pam Forey ; edited by Angela Royston ; U.S. consultant Rick Imes. 581 FOR

Plant identification terminology : an illustrated glossary by James G. Harris, Melinda Woolf Harris. 581 HAR

Wildflowers. 582.13 PET

The urban tree book : an uncommon field guide for city and town by Arthur Plotnik ; in consultation with the Morton Arboretum ; illustrated by Mary H. Phelan. 582.16 PLO

National Audubon Society field guide to North American wildflowers. Eastern region by John W. Thieret ; original authors, William A. Niering and Nancy C. Olmstead. 582.13 THI
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These may prove helpful as you identify plants for your project...
Charlie’s Mid-Atlantic Plant Identification Guide
The purpose of this page is to provide access to resources for identifying plants in the Mid-Atlantic states with an emphasis on native and naturalized species--particularly vascular plants.
USDA Plant Database
World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification
Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
What Tree Is It? Ohio

The AccessScience database has a comprehensive Biological and Biomedical Science, Plant Science area which you may wish to explore. See a librarian if you want to access it from home (you will need a username and password).

The following books might be of interest to you if you would like to consider biology as or career, or if you would simply like to "read more about it". These books are available in our library.

Careers for scientific types & others with inquiring minds by Jan Goldberg. CAR 502.3 GOL

Careers in focus. Biology. CAR 570 CAR

The amateur biologist, edited by Shawn Carlson. 570 AMA

Recent advances and issues in biology by Leslie A. Mertz. 570 MER

I've been gone far too long : field study fiascoes and expedition disasters, edited by Monique Borgerhoff Mulder & Wendy 508.07 IVE

Discover nature in water & wetlands : things to know and things to do by Elizabeth P. Lawlor 578.76 LAW

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