Test Preparation & Practice--ACT and SAT

Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions
Includes  free, 3-hour practice ACT and SAT's (with free registration). Most of this site is for people who are interested in purchasing test practice materials.

ACT Assessment Sample Test Questions
Nineteen sets of questions (in reading ,math, English, and science reasoning) make up a practice test. A printable answer key is available.

From the main page, choose the test you want to take.  Then, choose which sections of the test you want included.  You must register to use this site, but the practice tests are free. Of course, there are also products available for purchase.

The Princeton Review
From this main page, click on "Take a free online course." Then, from the pull-down menu, choose SAT (no ACT help is available from this site).  You'll have to register, but it's free.

Number 2.com
You will need to enroll, but it's free.  SAT, ACT and GRE

Ohio Proficiency Tests Practice

Ohio Proficiency Tests Practice
Ninth Grade practice tests are available here. Use the links at the top of the page. Record your answers on paper, then access the scoring key.  Very easy to use. This is from the Lakewood (OH) Public Library.

Ohio Proficiency Tests
This site is a little different. Here, you download a test in PDF format, then download the answer sheet.   This site is from the Ohio Department of Education.

Math Practice Questions
This is from the Glenn Learning Technologies Project (NASA). All of the questions are correlated with the Ohio 9th Grade math proficiency test. To take this test, you click on a question number, then on the answer that you think is the correct one.  It will tell you if you are right or wrong, and the method used to get the correct answer. You'll have to keep track of how many you got correct to figure out your score.